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April 6 Carl’s 4WD Bracket Results


  • Our  back to back 2022 and 2023 track Super Pro champion Dennis Pearson picked up the first race win  of the 2024 season where he left off last year.  Dennis defeated Eric Barack of Bethalto  Illinois in a tough final in which weather played a big factor with these high powered machines and cold cold down track temperatures. Both drivers scrambled with limited heat in the track. Pearson was dialed a 6.30 and ran a 6.308 at 109 mile an hour while Barack dialed a 4.55 and ran a 4.605 at 149 mile an hour. In route to his victory, Dennis Pearson had to defeat Tim Reid in the semi final match as well as Mark Buttrum in the quarterfinals. Eric Barach had to defeat Leroy Payne in the Semi finals and Jeremy Rosenstengel in the quarterfinals.  Dennis is always fortunate to have his father  Steve Pearson who was also number two in points last year with him along with his significant other Anitra Vancil to cheer him to victory!! Great racing by our back to back Super Pro champion!!! 


Danny Ratulowski is back rejoining the Pro Class ranks again this year after briefly stepping up to Super Pro last season and man do the other guys in the Pro Class know it!!! Danny posted his first win of the season Saturday night in the finals against Jason Grams. Danny ran a 6.244 on a 6.26 dial taking the victory over Graham who ran a 5.71 on a 5.70 but unfortunately turned the red light on with a .009 bulb. Danny took out Parker Zimmerman in the semi finals and Mike Davis in the quarterfinals to get there. Jason Graham had to beat Tommy Barbaro in the semi and Mike Davis in the quarterfinal round to secure the victory. Ratulowski Racing will be back in full force this year and proud parents John and Staci seemed to savor the victory!!!


For the second year in a row, Neil Finder, out of Sumner Iowa, came down for the first World Wide Technology race of the year managed to go all the way through six rounds and find himself in the winners circle. Neil’s opponent in the final round was our very Dan Helmsing. Neil ran a 13.22 on a 13.19 dial in to beat Helmsing 12.04  on a 12.03 dial in to secure the victory. Finder took out Christian Jennings in the semi final round and Steve Zeuner  in the quarterfinals. Helmsing had a semifinal bye young Luke Beach on the quarterfinal pass. Neil was fortunate to have his wife and children along with him which made for some fun in the winners circle. Huge credit to Dan Helmsing for six rounds all the way to the finals Saturday night. It’s a huge win for all of us with someone that gives as much as Dan does to our local racers gets to make it that far in the rounds. Great job everyone.


The Stewart  family is back at it again with young Sarah picking up the victory in the first race of the year against the runner-up Kennedy Hale. Sarah went a 7.92  on a 7.91  dial in to secure the victory. Sarah had to take out Cohen Hale in the semi finals and Lilly Kinne in the quarterfinals in her path to victory. Kennedy Hale had to beat Karson Eckins  and Tori Nolan to make her way to the final round. Congratulations to all these young future champions. 


Winning just seems to be in the blood of this Phillips family. Jacob Phillips’s father Jason Phillips with his father Walt watching was one of the more prolific racers we’ve had of the track and for years and years he dominated. Jason’s son Jacob is having his turn at it. Jacob Phillips beat Cayden Duel With Jacobs 9.30 on a 8.90 dial on off the throttle. Young Cayden Duel ran 9.00 on a 8.97 dial in but was a  .002 red light at the start… Oh so close. Great job kids. Jacob had to beat Layla Mayes in the quarter  finals after receiving a competition bye in semi finals. Cayden had to beat Stetson Taylor in the semifinals and Lexi Mayes in the quarterfinals along the way. This is a terrific group of young racers being led by guys like Jason, who are proven winners. The future is bright.


Super pro bike winner Dennis Abrams of Cottage Hills, Illinois laid down a triple zero light in the final round against Dale Stewart to secure his victory. Dennis had to defeat Zach Hunter in the semi finals and Tom Klemme quarterfinals to reach his victory. Dale Stewart had to beat Shooter Willis in the quarterfinals, and had the buy to the finals to get there. Dennis Abrams during his winners. Photo shoot stated that he wanted to wait for his brother to bring him down his trophy because without his brother, he wouldn’t be there. What an amazing story from a guy that throws down three zeros in the final round. Great stuff.


Super quick series winner Bob pros beat Philip Oakley in the finals of this series. Pros went a 4.502 on a 4.50 dial in To hold off Philip Oakley’s 4.518 on the 4.50 dial in. Prose had to beat Ken Simpson in the semi finals and George Atchison in the quarterfinals. Philip Oakley had to beat Jonathan Wagner in the semi finals, and Joe Swanson in the quarterfinals.. great racers, congratulations to everybody involved in the series.

BRACKET RACE 2 was ended Sunday after one round as a result of rain. More information to be coming in the future as to how we will handle points and refunds for this event. 

Story courtesy of Jeremy Rosenstengel and photos from Keke Lipford.


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