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Owner and CEO
Curtis Francois
Executive Vice President and General Manager
Chris Blair
Vice President of Business Development
Declan O’Neill
(618) 215-8888 ext. 103
Vice President of Marketing and Communications
Tony Sizemore
(618) 215-8888 ext. 112
Director of Fan Experiences and Engagement
Taylor Strausbaugh
(618) 215-8888 ext. 106
Director of Media Relations / Media Credential Requests
John A. Bisci Jr.
(618) 215-8888 ext. 119
For media and photo credential requests: CLICK HERE
Director of Food Service, Concessions and Catering
Kelly Predmore
Facility and Event Operations Administrator
Nettie Damron
Ticket/Credential Operations and Gate Manager
Taryn Bailey
Creative Services 
Mark Fournier
Director of Sponsorship Sales & Facility Rental Inquiries
Scott Winter
Digital Marketing, Promotions & Communications Manager
Allison Vandemore
Drag Strip Manager
George Whitaker
Gateway Kartplex General Manager 
Keith Scharf
EMS / Safety Services 
Brian Hamilton
Senior Director of Facilities and Maintenance
Randy Malone
Maintenance Coordinator and Event Production
Dennis Gilliam