Frequently Ask Questions

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Yes; soft-sided coolers (14x14x14) are permitted. No glass or alcohol.

No. Personal golf carts/ATVs are prohibited as a spectator. However, ADA approved wheelchairs are allowed on property.

No. Pets are not allowed at WWTR events (except service animals assisting those with disabilities).

If your item is found during the actual event it will typically be turned into the Drag Strip Control Room (Suite 208). After a few weeks, any unclaimed item will be brought over to the WWTR main ticket office located on the first floor of the Main Office Building at turn one of the oval track. You can also call the ticket office at 618-215-8888 ext. 101.


For drivers of cars 14.00 or slower – No helmet is required

      For drivers of cars 13.99 or quicker – Snell Rated 2015 or better

      For drivers of cars 9.99 or quicker – Full-face helmet is mandatory

      For drivers of cars 7.49 and quicker – Shield is mandatory

*Consult NHRA Rule book for additional individual class helmet requirements.


Helmet (for cars 13.99 or quicker), closed toe shoes, long pants, over the shoulder shirt (no nylon) are the minimum requirements.  Based upon the speed of your car, you may be required to have additional safety equipment and clothing*.

*Consult NHRA Rule book for full listing of clothing requirements


What is required depends on the speed* you will run down the drag strip.

  • Slower than 120 MPH (1/4th) Helmet, Gloves, Closed toed Shoes, long pants, leather jacket.
  • Quicker than 120 MPH (1/4th) Full leathers that zip together at the waist.

*Consult NHRA Rule book for full listing of clothing requirements


Wednesday night Test & Tunes are open to anyone.


The only requirement to make runs on the drag strip or the drift pit are that you pay the racer entry fee and you pass the tech inspection.


Yes, The cost for each specific class varies. The pricing is available in the Racer Section of the WWTR website.