WhatsApp Messenger Instructions

World Wide Technology Drag Strip will continue to use the instant-messenger program “WhatsApp Messager” to better communicate with all participants during events.  Never miss a class call to the lanes or any other important announcement.  You may sign up for one or as many categories as you. We have broken down the groups by Event Type to better serve you.

Step 1: Download WhatsApp Messenger on your mobile device (it’s free)!

Link to download WhatsApp for IPhone:

Link to download WhatsApps for Android:

Step 2: Select the group link(s) below that you want to receive notifications. Messages will push through on your mobile device like a text message.

Step 3:Turn ON ‘notifications’ for WhatsApp Messenger in your settings.

After you’ve signed-up you will start receiving group messages from each WWTR Event group selected.

Rev. 2/23/24 BC