Wide Open Wednesday presented by AAA Insurance is a Test ‘n’ Tune night.

There is no minimum number of guaranteed runs — it is dependent on car count and other circumstances. All racers will receive a .500 Full Tree, 1/4-mile time, unless they designate a different tree (where the tower can see it on their car).

All times will be 1/4-mile, except for Jr. Dragsters.  If you only want a 1/8-mile time, just look at those numbers on your app slip.

All NHRA rules apply. See www.nhraracer.com for full list of all safety requirements.

All cars and motorcycles MUST wait their turn in their lanes and run in order as designated by staging officials.

Remaining 2020 dates: October 7, October 14, October 21.



Racer: $35 via Pit Pay app or $40 at the gate.

Restricted-area crew pass: $15 in advance via Pit Pay app or $18 at the gate.

Non-restricted crew or spectator: $15 in advance or $18 at the gate.

Kids’ crew ages 8-15: $8.

Kids 7 and under: Free.


As part of the Restore Illinois plan, safe distancing will be observed. We will have special event guidelines in place to adhere to Illinois Motorsports Coalition policies during this event. In addition, it is recommended that all participants pre-purchase their race entry into the venue (via the Pit Pay app). Crew members who need restricted access should purchase their credentials via Pit Pay app. Crew members or spectators who do not require restricted access may purchase in advance via MetroTix.

Priority access will be given to racers who purchase through the Pit Pay app as their racer gates will open 30 minutes prior to on-site purchasers. In addition, an express lane will be open all evening for faster access into the venue.

Priority racing access will be given to racers who purchase their entry via the Pit Pay app as well as have a track RTI technical inspection or an NHRA Extended Technical Inspection in place. Racing will begin at 6 p.m. for Pit Pay app users who have an extended technical inspection, 30 minutes ahead of non-RTI/Pit Pay.

Please note: As part of the safety guidelines moving forward, WWTR will go paperless for all time slips. Please download the WWTR Timeslip App from DynoGeeks on your Apple or android device. The App is free on the app store. Paper time slips no longer will be issued.


Arrival/Tech Process:

Proceed to Tech Inspection once the lanes are open for Tech.  You MUST bring your Car/Bike and all appropriate safety equipment to tech. After passing tech, you have 2 options, you can either wait in the lanes for the track to open or go back to your pit.  Getting people their first run will be a priority over people who have already had a run. After you have made your first pass, you can come back to lanes 3 and 5 when you are ready for another one.  The number of runs that you get is up to you and how fast you return to the lanes.  If you have an ETI or RTI, please put that number on the appropriate line of tech card and proceed to expedited tech lane. Please note you can fill out a digital version of the tech card HERE, if you do, please print and bring with you to attach to the tech card purchased at the gate.


Lane Designations for all WoW events (subject to change):

Tech Inspection for ETI/RTI/1st Pass Lane 0 (left of Lane 1, by fence-line)

Tech Inspection/1st Pass (non ETI/RTI):Lane 1

Return Passes: Lane 3/5 (note: 3 = L, 5 = R)

High School/Jr. Street: Lane 7


Schedule (subject to change)

WWTR officials reserve the right to end the night early if lack of participation or due to weather circumstances.

5 p.m. — Gates Open/Tech for Pit Pay Entry (ETI/RTI ONLY)

5:30 p.m. — Gates Open/Tech for On-Site Purchase

6 p.m. — Racing begins for Pit Pay/ETI or RTI Cars

6:30 p.m. — Racing begins for ALL Cars

10:30 p.m. — Staging Lanes Closed

11 p.m. — Conclude Event

11:30 p.m. — Pit Sweep by Madison PD


REV. 6/9/2020


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