Phil’s Plumbing Service & Repair
Street Bike ET

Race 1:                 Saturday, April 8th
Race 2:                Saturday, April 15th
Race 3:                Saturday, October 14th
Race 4:                Saturday, October 28th
Race 5:                Saturday, November 4th

Race entry $60
1st Round Buyback: $25

Guaranteed Purse
Winner         $400
Runner-up   $200
Semi’s           $75

Class Rules:
·      Slider clutches prohibited
·      Two-step rev limiters prohibited
·      Wheelie bars are prohibited
·      Delay boxes are not permitted
·      D.O.T tires only, slicks are not permitted
·      OEM hand clutch or hand activated clutch that stalls when released are permitted.
·      Gen 2 multistage one stage are all permitted
·      Aftermarket or flashed ECU are permitted
·      Dataloggers are permitted
·      Any power adder is permitted
·      Air shifters are permitted
·      Tunning capabilities are permitted
·      The bike must have some type of taillight and a chain guard for safety.

Points Series:
Will have a championship series for 2023 season.  No signup is required.  Champion will receive trophy and jacket at the 2023 season banquet. Points will be dropped for lowest race, championship will be decided on best 4 of 5 races.

Rev. 4/30/23 BC