Statement regarding nationwide traction compound shortage

Update (August 1, 2022):

In light of the switch to 1/8-mile racing due to the national traction compound (“glue”) shortage, here are the new conversions for classes affected by the changes:
Sportsman: 7.50 to 12.50.
High School: 7.50 and slower.
Willis Racing Pro Motorcycle: 4.50 to 9.92.


July 24, 2022:

Dear WWTR Racers,

As you may know, there is a nationwide shortage of liquid traction compound for drag strips (known in the industry as “glue”).

To ensure the best prep and safest track possible for our racers, we must adjust the structure of our grassroots racing events for the remainder of the 2022 season.

Wide Open Wednesday events will be reduced to 1/8-mile. The track prep is for race cars but will be limited to 1/8-mile. There will be no track prep or timing past the 1/8-mile finish line. This includes the High School class.

All classes for the Carl’s 4WD & Performance Center bracket series will be reduced to 1/8-mile. This includes High School, Sportsman, Willis Racing Motorcycle, Electric Vehicle, Super Pro and Pro.

The Mid-America Heads-up Series will see all classes reduced to 1/8-mile and the prep will not be to the Radial-style prep that is has been in the past.

Our Midnight Madness events will be the only program that will remain at ¼-mile, because track prep is limited to focus on the starting line. Midnight Madness is a street car-only event, and its purpose is to combat illegal street racing.

These adjustments will not affect the NHRA Midwest Nationals, the NHRA Lucas Oil Divisional or NHRA Lucas Oil Regional events which will be prepped the full 1,320 feet.

For any track rentals, please look for posts from the promoter and track prior to the event for more information.

We appreciate your understanding during this challenging time. We understand this is not the ideal situation, but we want to complete the 2022 season as successfully and safely as possible. Reducing the track to 1/8-mile for the remainder of the 2022 season will allow us to accomplish this.

Thank you,

The staff of WWTR

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