Sign up for 2021 text message program

Continuing in 2021, we have a text message program that will allow you to opt into receiving messages for our events. We have made some changes to allow for more precise texts, so you will need to sign up again for the 2021 season, even if you received text messages for the 2020season. Once you have signed up for the system, you will not be required to sign up again for the rest of the year and will have the ability to change your subscription settings to control what events you receive communication for.

Please note: The following organizations use their own text program. For these events, please subscribe to the appropriate program that each association uses as the WWT Raceway account will not be used for these events:
• NHRA Midwest Nationals
• NHRA D3 Regional Event
• NMCA/NMRA Super Bowl



Send a text message in the following format to (you can send a text message to an email address from your phone).

  • ADD First Name Last Name

Example: if you want all events, send: ADD Brad Cannon to:

  • For additional commands, you may text HELP to the thread to get active commands



Send a text message in the following format to

o ADD First Name Last Name EVENT # EVENT # EVENT # EVENT #

    • Note: you may select each event that you want to subscribe to — numbers correspond to the numbered list below.  If you want ALL events, you do not need to send any EVENT #, just name
    • Example: If you want Super Pro and Wide Open Wednesday, send: ADD Brad Cannon 1 8to:
  • If you want to add or remove additional event types throughout the year, follow these instructions:
  • For additional commands, you may text HELP to the thread to get active commands

The following are the event categories that you can sign up to receive texts.  Detailed instructions will be provided below as to how to sign up.  This is optional — you can elect to get messages from all events.

  1. Super Pro/Box/Top Eliminator
  2. Pro/No Box
  3. Sportsman
  4. Motorcycle (Pro, Street, or Index)
  5. Junior Dragster (Thunder & Lightning})
  6. Mid-America Heads Up (Top Gun, Streetcar, Stick Shift)
  7. Midnight Madness
  8. Wide Open Wednesday
  9. American Drag Racing League (WWT Events Only)
  10. Streetcar Supernationals/PSCA
  11. Nostalgia Drag Racing League
  12. Mother Road Rendezvous
  13. Midwest Jr Super Series (WWT Events Only)
  14. Track Rental*

*-includes: Import Face Off, Street Car Takeover, STL Summer Showdown, etc.
Option 3 (WEB FORM):

  • Fill out the form found at:
  • Note: if your cell provider does not show up on the list, or if you use AT&T cell service, please use the text method described above and not the web form. AT&T has 2 text handles depending on how long you have been a member and this cannot be determined from the web form.


If you need help, please email:

Please note: text messages may take up to a half hour to be processed when you sign up. If an event is not specifically listed, there may be a mass text sent to everyone to tell them what to sign up for. You will get confirmation after you sign up if you text the email address.; if you use the web form, you will just start receiving text messages. If you sign up on a non-event day, you may not get confirmation until the next event day as the program is only running when we are running at the drag strip.



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