Public-Facing Weekend Schedule

NASCAR Media Protocols and Guidelines 

Thank you for your coverage of NASCAR. To better help you during the race weekend and ensure a safe and professional working environment for all, NASCAR has provided the below protocols and guidelines for credentialed media. Failure to follow the protocols and guidelines could result in the loss of credentials for the current event and future events. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the NASCAR or track communications teams. As a reminder, texting during a race weekend may be the most efficient way to request information or get assistance. Please include your name and outlet when you first text a Communications team member in case they don’t have your information saved in their phone.  

Media Center Protocol

  • All media must be properly credentialed by either the track or NASCAR. If you do not have a media or broadcast NASCAR-issued hard card, you will pick up a single-event credential at the track or NASCAR credential office upon arrival at the track. Details on location and hours of operation will be provided by the track communications team. There are no virtual credentials that may be shown on phones – all are physical credentials that must be worn at all times when at the track facility. 
  • Remember this is a working media center and/or press box, so please keep your conversations and noise at a respectful volume so as not to disturb other working media. 
  • Media are reminded to use headphones when listening to audio. Media members listening to audio through the speakers on their computers may be asked to leave the room to listen. 
  • During press conferences and scrum availabilities, please mute your cell phones. 
  • Many media centers will assign seats. Please do not move seats or nametags without speaking with the track communications team.  
  • If a media center does not have enough seating for all credentialed media members, those without a seat may be in the media center during media availabilities but may not take others’ assigned seats or move chairs around to sit with colleagues. If a media member does not have a seat in the media center, they should leave the media center following the media availabilities. o Do not hang around or squeeze in between assigned seats in the media center.
  • If a track has a dedicated photo room, still and video photographers are expected to use that workspace and not the deadline room. 
  • Autograph and personal selfie/photo requests of drivers, team members and celebrities are prohibited. This includes on pit road and in Victory Lane. 
  • Media members are not permitted to add minors onto their passes or bring them as guests. 
  • Minors may not be credentialed as media. 
  • The media center is for working media only and priority on seating is given to deadline media. Media members are not allowed to escort guests into the media center. 
  • Most media centers provide meals for working media and PR representatives when there is on-track activity taking place. These meals are for working media only, not for guests or other credentialed individuals. If you have a question about mealtimes, please reach out to the respective track’s communications team. 
  • Plan ahead – if you need assistance with shuttles, interviews, etc., please reach out to the NASCAR or track comms team in advance so they can make sure you have the best experience possible. 
  • Provide proper accreditation for photo usage and Wire stories. Plagiarism of other journalists’ work is not acceptable and may be grounds for loss of future credentials. 


  • All photographers must (1) register as a photographer when applying for credentials, (2) attend one of the mandatory Zoom photo meetings during the race week, and (3) pick up and always wear a vest while shooting at the racetrack. 
  • If you are a writer and are also shooting images for your outlet with a camera, you MUST also register as a photographer when you apply for credentials, attend the photo meetings, and get a vest. Journalists seen shooting photos with a camera who haven’t gone through these steps risk losing their credential.  
  • Photographers credentialed for editorial outlets are not permitted to sell images, use the images on items produced for sale, or provide images to anyone other than the outlet the photographer is credentialed for. 
  • Photographers shooting for a sponsor, team, or other commercial entity must be licensed and credentialed through Jeremy Bramley ( with NASCAR Productions – they cannot be credentialed by tracks as editorial photographers.  

At-track Media Availabilities

  • Post-race bullpen protocol – at the conclusion of each race, NASCAR Communications will staff a media bullpen on pit road with a select group of drivers. Media members are expected to follow the protocols below. 
    • Prior to the end of the race, a NASCAR Communications team member will provide media with the designated pit stall location where the top 10 cars will be stopped 
    • The top 10 (or top five, depending on the race) drivers will exit the cars and debrief for a short time with team members. Following the debrief, media members may speak with the top-10 finishers for 15 minutes. Following the 15minute period, all drivers will be dismissed. 
    • If you have a request for a storyline driver who did not finish in the top 10, please ask a NASCAR Communications team member to bring that driver to the capture area. As much advanced notice as possible will help ensure the availability of that driver. Media members should not go on pit road and record or interrupt live TV (FOX Sports, NBC Sports), live radio (MRN, PRN) or other broadcast partner (, SiriusXM) interviews. The pit road availabilities will be conducted in scrum-style and will not be moderated. Media members are reminded to be respectful of each other, no pushing or shoving, and limit questions to one at a time.  
    • Media members are not permitted to touch any vehicle at any point in time on pit road. 
  • Media center press conferences – throughout the race weekend, drivers, dignitaries, and other guests (sponsor announcements, etc.) may come into the media center for a press conference. Additionally, the race winning driver will do a press conference following Victory Lane for each NASCAR national series race and most other support or regional races. 
    • These schedules will be published in advance on and may be shared via email. oWhen you have a question, please remain in your seat and raise your hand to indicate to the moderator that you have a question. The moderator will select media members to call on. Please understand that often there is not time to call on every media member who has a question, and raising your hand to ask a question is not a guarantee that you will be called on. o Please wait until the wireless microphone is brought to you before asking your question. Even if everyone in the room could hear you without it, the audio is being recorded and the microphone is necessary for that. When a media member is called on to ask a question, they may ask one question about a topic, and a follow-up if necessary.
  • Media center bullpens – during the weekend, drivers may be brought in for scrum-style media availabilities in the media center or other location. This includes the Cup Series media availabilities that happen during practice and qualifying.  
  • The bullpen will be conducted in scrum-style and will not be moderated. Media members are reminded to be respectful of each other, no pushing or shoving, and limit questions to one at a time.  
  • There is frequently more than one driver in the media center at a time during these sessions. We ask that media participating in the scrums and working at their workspaces are respectful and mindful of noise during this time. 
  • If a media member has a second question, they may raise their hand and if time allows, the moderator will call on them again.

Garage and Pit Road Protocol

  • Media members without a photo vest are never permitted to cross pit wall onto pit road when the track is hot. This includes for qualifying and practice. There are select qualifying sessions during which photographers are permitted over the wall, and that is covered in that week’s photo meeting. 
  • Media members are reminded that garages are a work environment that may be dangerous. Media members are not allowed to enter garage bays or pit stalls without prior approval from the team. 
  • Please always be aware of your surroundings. In addition to the race cars and trucks, team members are moving fuel and tires, and there are numerous safety vehicles (ambulances, tow trucks, fire trucks, pace cars, etc.).
    • Do not walk in front of or stand in front of safety vehicles (ambulances, tow trucks, fire trucks, pace cars, etc.) at any time. 
  • Follow all directions from NASCAR and track security, officials and communications teams. Failure to do so may result in loss of credentials. 
  • Be cautious when crossing the cutouts to the garage area as race vehicles and safety vehicles will enter the garage quickly.
  • If a competitor drives their car or truck to the garage during an event due to an incident or a mechanical issue, media members in the garage must follow the direction of the NASCAR or track communications team and all security (NASCAR and track) personnel. 
  • Media members are not allowed in the garage stalls – even adjacent ones – when a car is driven to the garage. All media members must stand across from the garage and must leave a clear path for vehicles such as safety equipment (medical carts, tow trucks, etc.) to drive through the garage. At many tracks, this means that fans and media will be positioned across the traffic lane from the garage, near the team haulers.
    • Only live TV (FOX Sports, NBC Sports), live radio (MRN, PRN), and NASCAR Productions are allowed in the garage stall area. 
  • If a driver is involved in an incident that involves contact and the car is damaged to the point that it can’t continue in the race, they may drive the vehicle to the garage. That driver is then mandated by NASCAR to visit the Infield Care Center to be evaluated. Media members may NOT interview that driver prior to the Infield Care Center visit. There will be a designated media area outside the Infield Care Center following their evaluation. 
  • If a driver goes to the garage with a mechanical issue, NASCAR Communications will work with the driver or team PR rep to determine if the driver will do media. 
  • Media are reminded to respect the competitive privacy of the teams and not to film engines when the hood is up on the vehicle. 
  • Media members are not permitted to touch any vehicle at any point in time in the garage or on pit road. 

Infield Care Center Protocol

  • If a driver is involved in an incident that involves contact, they will go to the Infield Care Center for mandatory evaluation. 
  • Media members are not allowed to enter the Infield Care Center or go into restricted areas such as ambulance bays. All media members must remain outside in the designated bullpen area. 
  • NASCAR Communications will establish a bullpen, usually designated by a backdrop and bike rack, outside the Infield Care Center for potential media availability. 
  • After the driver is released from the Infield Care Center, NASCAR Communications will coordinate with the driver and PR rep if they will do media. 
    • Drivers are not mandated to do media following a visit to the Infield Care Center, however, most do speak with media. 
  • At the bullpen, live TV (FOX Sports, NBC Sports), live radio (MRN, PRN) go first and they are the only media who may receive one-on-one interviews outside the Infield Care Center.  
  • All other media are in a scrum setting following live TV and radio unless otherwise indicated by NASCAR Communications.  
  • NASCAR will provide one of three updates to media following an Infield Care Center visit – Evaluated and Released, Treated and Released, Transported to an Area Medical Facility. 

Hospital or Serious Incident Coverage

  • If a driver is transported to an area medical facility, NASCAR Communications will notify media. 
  • NASCAR does not provide the location of the medical facility the driver is transported to. 
  • Media members are not permitted inside the medical facility where the driver is being evaluated or treated. 
  • Media are requested to not film or photograph any transportation of driver or personnel being loaded to a helicopter, ambulance or other medical vehicle from the infield care center. 
  • All further updates regarding the driver will come from the team. 
  • In the case of a serious injury or fatality, NASCAR will communicate the update from the media center at the respective racetrack. NASCAR will not conduct media availabilities at the medical facility. 

Victory Lane

  • A NASCAR Communications team member will be in Victory Lane to manage media availabilities. 
  • The following media will be permitted to conduct interviews in Victory Lane: NASCAR broadcast partners (FOX Sports, NBC Sports, MRN, PRN, SiriusXM, NASCAR Productions) and affiliates. 
  • Affiliate interviews will be scrum style, not one-on-one. 
  • All photographers must remain in the risers during Victory Lane. Photographers are not permitted on the ground level around the car. 
  • The winning driver (and winning crew chief and owner, if available, in the Cup Series) will report to the media center following Victory Lane for a press conference. 

Event Coverage

•     Credentialed media must provide evidence of coverage from event, including the use of images if credentialed as a photographer, in your credentialed publication. Proof of coverage must be provided within three weeks of the event. Coverage should be submitted via this form and not emailed to respective track communications teams.