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Humphrey, Goin, Renaud, Kammler win WWTR King of the Arch race during NHRA Midwest Nationals

(Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire)

Super Pro, First Round

Tommy Barbero defeated Kevin Prior.

Brian Spillars defeated John Ratulowski.

Terry Kammler defeated Angelo Belosi.

Greg Sesti defeated Mark Cather.

Super Pro, Second Round

Barbero defeated Spillars.

Kammler defeated Sesti.

Pro, First Round

Pat Cody defeated James Bouckaert.

Joe Renaud defeated Tommy Barbero.

Mike Ratulowski defeated Danny Ratulowski.

John Ratulowski defeated Byron Kinne.

Pro, Second Round

J. Ratulowski defeated Cody.

Renaud defeated M. Ratulowski.

Sportsman, First Round

Craig Powell defeated Jim Pearson.

Luke Albietz defeated Steve Zeuner.

Paul Lewis defeated Brad Kaemmerer.

Neil Goin defeated Paul Hagen.

Sportsman, Second Round

Albietz defeated Powell.

Goin defeated Lewis.

Motorcycle, First Round

Scott Leonard defeated Mike Hamilton.

Robert Helem defeated DeAndre Lewis.

Phil Humphrey defeated Eric Lewis.

Charles Willis defeated Vernest McFarland.

Motorcycle, Second Round

Leonard defeated Helem.

Humphrey defeated Willis.


Motorcycle – Phil Humphrey (Collinsville, IL) defeated Scott Leonard.

Sportsman – Neil Goin (Wentzville, MO) defeated Luke Albietz.

Pro – Joe Renaud (Ladue, MO) defeated John Ratulowski.

Super Pro – Terry Kammler (Freeburg, IL) defeated Tommy Barbero.


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