Take a fast track to raising more funds for your organization than you have ever imagined.  Partnering with Gateway Motorsports Park will allow your organization to raise funds or to gain exposure for your cause.  Here are some examples of how we can assist you with unique opportunities that will have huge impact:
TURBOCHARGE YOUR FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN WITH A GATEWAY CHALLENGE RACE! This is an opportunity for you to sell ‘seats’ in behind the wheel of one of our 2013 Chevrolet Camaro SS with the race track oriented 1LE option for your private event.  Regardless of group size, we will provide instruction on how to compete as a racer on any one of our race venues:   ¼-mile drag strip, 1.25 mile NASCAR oval, 1.6-mile infield road course, or a specially designed auto-cross course.  You simply purchase the experience for a discounted, non-profit event rate and you keep the remainder of the proceeds.  We can also design programs where your non-profit can compete against one others and the proceeds of the invited spectators can benefit your group.
Add the exhilaration of speed into your next fundraiser!  Call Gateway now and ask for Jeanne Lachmiller at 618.215.8888 x114 or email her at jeanne.lachmiller@wwtraceway.com .
Use your existing mailing lists, email distribution lists, and social networks of your supporters to promote events at Gateway.  We will provide your with a personalized promotion code for your group to use.   All tickets sold with that promotion code will return a percentage of those admission prices back to your organization.  For our NHRA event, we will pay 15% of all advance admission tickets your organization sells. We will even help you create professional, electronic fliers announcing the fundraiser.  Even small groups find this to be great way to generate substantial funds with very little effort.  This opportunity exists only with certain events.
For more information about participating in our Fundraising Ticket Sales opportunities, call Josh Lanier at 618.215.8888 x106 or email him at josh.lanier@wwtraceway.com.
Qualifying non-profit groups may purchase vendor space at a discounted rate to gain exposure, sell raffle tickets, and more.  All displays and activities must be approved by Gateway Motorsports Park’s marketing department prior to the event.
Call Gateway now and ask for Jeanne Lachmiller at 618.215.8888 x114 or email her at jeanne.lachmiller@wwtraceway.com  for more information on how to utilize vendor displays for your organization.
A select group of non-profit groups may volunteer their time to support events throughout the year.  Groups provide members to support events in areas such as concessions, ushers, parking, and more.  In exchange, Gateway Motorsports Park will make a your group for the services you provide.
For more information call Dan Harman at 618.215.8888 or email him at dan.harman@wwtraceway.com.