Q. Can I bring a cooler into Gateway Motorsports Park?

A. No. Guests may enter the Park with one opened or unopened drink container in their possession.  Glass containers are not permitted.

Q. As a spectator, can I bring my golf cart to your events?

A. No. Personal golf carts/ATVs are prohibited as a spectator. However, ADA approved wheelchairs are allowed on property.

Q. As a spectator, can I bring my personal pet to your events?

A. No. Pets are not allowed at Gateway Motorsports Park events (except service animals assisting those with disabilities).

Q. If I lose a personal item (keys, sunglasses) during one of your events, how can I go about claiming it back?

A. If your item is found during the actual event it will typically be turned into the Drag Strip Control Room (Suite 208). After a few weeks, any unclaimed item will be brought over to the Gateway Motorsports Park main ticket office located on the first floor of the Main Office Building at turn one of the oval track. You can also call the ticket office at 618-215-8888 ext. 101.

Q. What radio station can I tune to at the track to hear the track PA System?

A. 92.7 FM