Advertising trends are changing dramatically and continue to do so at an ever increasing rate of speed.  It is no longer enough to buy a few digital or traditional ads and hope it strengthens your brand.  Businesses need a fully integrated approach that brings together paid digital marketing, earned social media, shared media pinning, and traditional advertising to maximize the return for their investment.  The Digital Marketing Team at Gateway Motorsports Park has created dynamic programs to help stay on the cutting edge with your advertising.
To find out more about how you can take advantage of our exciting opportunities, contact Mark Fournier at
Here are a few examples of how we can assist your company increase their relevance in the digital age:
The Development Team at Gateway has built an innovative approach to consolidate relevant information that will appeal to motor sports fans and racers.  We will create a Customized Sponsor Page that will aggressively expand visibility for your brand. The brand specific page acts as a news, brand, and promotion aggregator for all of your motor sports-related content.  In turn, the information will be pushed out through our, and your, social and e-marketing channels.
These pages can be opened by selecting your brand from a featured Home Page Slider or the Home Page Scrolling Sponsor Logos.  The page brings all relevant motor sports-related content to one central location for the racers and fans who visit our site.  Customized elements can include:

  • Company bio information
  • Continually updated press releases pushed via social media, blog, & e-mail blasts
  • Video
  • Custom promotions targeted at racers and fans, activated at Gateway events
  • Cross promotions on social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • Administrator-controlled comments section

Not only will your brand come to the forefront and create awareness of your involvement in the world of Motorsports, but your current and active promotions will be within a click’s reach from their daily content.
Gateway Motorsports Park understands the importance of maximizing your reach – beyond the scope of the physical race track. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the preferred channels of most fans and racers – So connecting with them on these channels and having your brands resonate with them is critical.
We have various strategies that can help connect your brand to our consumers. Wether you are an Auto Service or a Floral Shop. Our consumers need your products or services.

  • Video (One Minute Elevator Pitch or brief video announcements)
  • Photo Shoot
  • Event Promotion
  • Fan Growth Strategy
  • E-Marketing directed toward Social Media Activity
  • Editorial Calendar Assistance

Let’s brainstorm how cross promoting your next event, your next sale, or added service to your overall capabilities can get in front of our audience.
Sliders — Position your company or event front-and-center as the first image presented to any visitors to the Gateway MSP web site.  You can also target or fan, racer or corporate communities increase the relevance of your information or event.
Lead Sponsor Banners – Receive “title sponsor” billing as a lead sponsor to our web site.  Your logo with linked capabilities will be adjacent to the Gateway logo at the top of our home page or selected community pages as well as all other pages selected in those sections.
Premier Sponsor Links – Our home page features 100×100 pixel scrolling logos that link to content of your choice.  It could be to your own web page, your Facebook site, one of our customized sponsor pages, or promotional offers you may have.
Featured Promotion – Get the attention your offer deserves by utilizing a 1200×1800 pixel for your next promotion.  We can help you build a contest or an addicting game to bring potential customers back again and again.
Banner Ads – 460×90 pixel banner ad spaces are available that will appear on nearly every page of our site.  90×90 pixel ads are also available on our fan, racer and corporate community pages.
Sponsor Directory – Every sponsor of $500 or more will be listed on our online sponsor directory that includes your company logo, name, content about your business, contact information and a direct link to your web site.
Title Promotion – A limited number of opportunities exists for you to promote your company, sponsor, or event to our extensive eMail database.  We will work with you to create a customized email ad, deliver it to our database, and provide feedback on the results.
e-Blast Tags – You also have the opportunity to be a tagged on all e-Blasts that are delivered to our database, regardless of the content, with a linked logo.
For more information about how you can take advantage of our exciting opportunities, contact Mark Fournier at