Field Size First RoundLoss Second RoundLoss Third RoundLoss Fourth RoundLoss Fifth RoundLoss Sixth RoundLoss Seventh RoundLoss Runner Up Winner
Under 4 33 64 85
5-8 32 43 64 85
9-16 31 42 53 64 85
17-32 30 41 52 63 74 95
33-64 30 40 51 62 73 84 105
65-128 30 40 50 61 72 83 94 105
129+ 30 40 50 60 71 82 93 104 115

Points are awarded to Gateway Motorsports Park Registered Racers only. Points are based upon the NHRA Sportsman points system. No perfect attendance points in any series. It is the racers responsibility to check their points. You have two weeks to report any errors to the office.
Non-Completed Event Points are awarded back to the last complete round. Losers in the round get round loser points round winners get next round loser points. If a final round is not completed, both racers get runner-up points.
Broke before First Round- If your car breaks before the first round, it is your responsibility to go to Tech and sign a “Broke Before First Round” Sheet in order to receive your 10 attendance points. Points stay with driver or team, not the car.
Ties, should they exist at the end of the season for 1st place, will be determined by a run-off with one point going to the winner. Tie-breaking run-offs will be attempted to be run-off on the same night as the last race. No-shows will forfeit the race. If there is a tie for 2nd through the final podium postion, we will award same place trophies and split any bonus money.
Racers under the age of 18 years old must have a current 2013 signed Minor Release/Waiver of Liability Form signed by both parents or legal guardians (form is available at track and on as well as a valid drivers license.