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April 30 update from Chris Blair, WWTR Executive Vice President & General Manager

“Protecting the future of our sport through sensible operating procedures, as well as the livelihood of many small business owners, is very important to all of us.

“We’ve worked with numerous associations, sanctioning bodies, healthcare professionals and the insurance industry to establish procedures so that venues can re-open responsibly. Each day, for the last several weeks, has included phone calls with tracks of all shapes and sizes from across the United States. Great communication has been the key in helping each other through the challenges.

“In addition, we are working with tracks on a state-by-state basis as each operator has their own set of unique circumstances and policies. Tracks working together to deliver the same responsible message is critical at this time. We all are acting as stewards of the sport to help each other to ensure that when live events do return, our competitors, fans and employees will feel both comfortable and safe.

“We are working day-in and day-out to deliver the sport you love. While you may not see updates each and every day, please know that we are doing whatever it takes for the loyal supporters of the track we love.”

Chris Blair, Executive Vice President and General Manager, World Wide Technology Raceway

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