Shift your advertising and promotions into high gear with Gateway Motorsports Park, one of the premier racing venues in the US.  NHRA Championship Drag Racing has created one of the highest brand loyal markets in the sports world and it remains so even in a down economy.  The leaders at Gateway Motorsports Park can help you create an effective marketing plan and incorporate your business into the one of the fastest growing categories in motor sports.  We have multiple opportunities to deliver your message including:

  • AAA Insurance NHRA Mid-West Nationals
  • NASCAR Camping World Truck Series
  • Nationally televised racing action on ESPN, SPEED, and FOX SPORTS
  • USAC Silver Crown Race
  • Top Performing Manufacturers Series Nationally – Mega Mopar, Super Chevy, Fun Ford, All-American
  • Weekly and Monthly Race Series
  • Gateway Corporate Challenge, Richard Petty, Rusty Wallace and The Xtreme Xperience racing experiences
  • Music concerts and festivals

We will help you reach potential customers and increase your brand awareness by exposing your product to EXTREMELY loyal race fans and enthusiasts in person and on television.  We have tested-and-proven sponsorship and advertising opportunities as well as cutting-edge capabilities such as social media, email campaigns, and digital advertising.
Here are a few elements that can help you truly differentiate your product:
I-55/ 70 SIGNAGE
Wallace Grandstand Banners — The pinnacle advertising opportunity at Gateway and the dominant visual focal point for everyone driving on I-55/ 70.  These Times Square-sized, 35‘x85’ banners will make a HUGE impression on your potential customers.
Building Wraps — Both VIP suite towers are prominent to freeway drivers and will make a large scale impact.  Sixty-foot drink bottles or company logos will definitely create a buzz about your business.
Billboards – Traditional sized billboards are available only a few feet from I-55/70.  Target east-bound traffic, west-bound traffic, or both.
Backlit Signs — A 17‘x28’ backlit sign is the centerpiece for the property. Positioned on the back of the oval’s VIP suite tower, this will impact race fans and commuters.  A backlit marquis sign is also prominently positioned along I-55/70 that offers two sizes 6‘x18’ and 6‘x12’.
Grandstand Billboards — Located atop the grandstands, 12′x24′ billboards receive impressions from spectators, television cameras and daily traffic on I-55/70.
Grandstand Billboards
Suite Tower Signs — 5’x18’ flex-face signs are located on face of the VIP suite tower. These signs are a focal point for the drag strip and are especially visible television viewers.
Suite Tower drag sign
Scoring Tower Billboards – 8’x15’ and 4’x15’ backlit signs are at top of each scoring tower and at the center of everyone’s attention each time the racers cross the finish line.  At the base of each tower is a 15‘x13’ vinyl sign as well.
Retaining Wall Fence Signs — 3’x10’ retaining wall signs and 3‘x5’ fence line signs are located the full length of the track.  These signs are visible to ALL spectator vantage points from grandstands, as well as national television coverage.  Amplify your visibility by positioning your signs at the start or finish line for the TV photo finishes views.
Drag fence signs
Starting Line Signs — For companies with TV coverage as a priority,  3‘x10’ starting line guardrail signs and customizable ground decals will be prominent for HOURS of our nationally televised events.
Drag Pit & Manufacturer Midway Signs — Because our drag pits and midway are open to everyone, fans spend hours there during events as do racers throughout the year.    Options are available that range from 5‘x10’ to 8‘x15’ signs on the back of grandstands to large billboard space sized space at the focal point for everyone entering the pit area.
Oval Billboards — 
12′ x 40′
Oval billb
Front Stretch Signs
3′ x 20′
oval front stretch
Suite Tower View Signs
184″ x 88″
Gateway Dirtplex Signage
We take pride in creating unique marketing solutions customized to your business objectives and needs.  To find out more about how you can take advantage of our exciting opportunities, contact  Declan O’Neill at 618.215.8888 ext. 103 or email him at