2024 VP Racing Lubricants Grudge Saturday

Street Car/Grudge TNT/Phil’s Plumbing Street Bike ET
This is designed to be a well-prepped race car-focused night at World Wide Technology Raceway.  NO Street tires will be permitted to preserve the track prep.  This event will be run all in the “No Time/Clocks OFF format”. Timeslips will be available via the app, win light ONLY on scoreboards.  All competitors need to scan N/T QR Code to receive their slips.  There will be 2 qualifier/shake down passes

Admission & Entry Fees:
$60 Car and Driver
$25 Crew/Spectator

Saturday, April 20
Saturday, June 29 (Small Tire and Streetcar ONLY) NHRA Speed4All Wally
Saturday, July 13 (NIGHT)
Saturday, August 3 (NIGHT) – NO Phil’s Plumbing Service & Repair Street Bike ET
Saturday, September 21
Saturday, October T.B.A.
Saturday, November 2

Daily Event Schedule:
Daytime Event (April 20, September 21, October TBA, November 2):
Gates Open: 9 AM
Tech Inspection: 9:30 AM
Time Trials: 10 AM (2 per class)
Run Order: Small Tire, Streetcar, S/MX, Grudge TNT
First Round Eliminations: 12:30 PM (appx)
Final Rounds: 5 PM
***Schedule Subject to Change***

June 28th Event:
Schedule is TBA, please look for specifics of event weekend.  We will be running Small Tire and Streetcar Classes ONLY!

Nighttime Event (July 13, August 3):
Gates Open: 4 PM
Tech Inspection: 4:30 PM
Time Trials: 5 PM (2 per class)
Run Order: Small Tire, Streetcar, S/MX, Grudge TNT
First Round Eliminations: 7:30 PM (appx)
Final Rounds: 12 AM
***Schedule Subject to Change***

Classes & Payout:
Small Tire Shootout:

  • 1/8th Mile Heads Up Racing.
  • .400 Pro Tree.
  • Call out/Chip draw throughout eliminations.
  • No times shown, but available in the app.
  • Tire size 29×10.5 non-w or smaller.NO 28×10.5w tire permitted.  Factory Roof/Quarters and Front Frame Rains required.
  • Buy In: Additional $100 buy in (on top of tech card).
  • Payout: (70% winner, 30% Runner Up)


  • 1/4 Mile Heads Up Racing.
  • .400 Pro Tree.
  • Call out/Chip draw throughout eliminations.
  • No times shown, but available in the app.
  • Street Legal/Driven Cars Only (license and insurance may be requested)
  • Passenger seat required.
  • Cars required to have racing tires (slicks or radials).
  • Semi-final winners must drive directly back to the staging lanes for cool down.Cool down time not to exceed 30 minutes, racers not allowed to add fuel, charge batteries, or use any external cooling.
  • Field will be split into “A Field”, “B Field”, etcbased on qualifying passes.
  • 9.0 Min ET on class, any faster and you must run Small Tire.A,B,C,D fields split among car count, usually 12 car fields with C/D being the overflow and subject to being larger.  Eliminations will have cap for each field, .1 quicker than the fastest car in class (or 9.00)
  • No towing to and from the lanes, car must be driven everywhere (once on property).
  • Race Director must grant permission to tow if you are broke down and wish to continue in competition.
  • Buy In: Additional $50 buy in (on top of tech card).
  • Payout per field: (70% winner, 30% Runner Up)

Phil’s Plumbing Service & Repair Street Bike ET:
(NOT CONTESTED June 29 or August 3)

  • Slider clutches prohibited
  • Two-step rev limiters prohibited
  • Wheelie bars are prohibited
  • Delay boxes are not permitted
  • D.O.T tires only, slicks are not permitted
  • OEM hand clutch or hand activated clutch that stalls when released are permitted.
  • Gen 2 multistage one stage are all permitted
  • Aftermarket or flashed ECU are permitted
  • Dataloggers are permitted
  • Any power adder is permitted
  • Air shifters are permitted
  • Tunning capabilities are permitted
  • The bike must have some type of taillight and a chain guard for safety.
  • 1st Rd ONLY buybacks $25
  • Payout: Winner $400, R/U $200, Semi $75
  • 1st and 2nd round will be chip draw (2nd round buybacks run buybacks), field laddered at Round 3.

Grudge TNT:

  • 1/4 Mile TNT.
  • .400 Pro Tree.
  • No times shown, but available in the app.
  • Grudge matches can also occur in this class
  • We will leave TNT lane open all event and run between classes
  • Anyone with a tech card for the event can jump into TNT after they have been eliminated from competition.Go for you personal best on the WWT Raceway ¼ Mile!

Build your own class – have 8 cars that want to make their own class?  Contact bcannon@wwtraceway.com and we will make a class for you.

Oil Down Policy:  To expedite the program, any car that leaves oil/fluids requiring equipment to be used, or causes longer than a 5 minute cleanup can be asked to leave.  Repeat offenders that constantly leak and slow down the program can also be asked to leave.  This is solely at the discretion of WWT Raceway staff, and all decisions are final.  This is done to help everyone out in getting the program done in a timely manner.  We are trying to do everything possible to prevent timely delays for everyone participating.

Points Series:
Small Tire Shootout, Streetcar, and Phil’s Plumbing Service & Repair Street Bike ET will collect championship points in 2024.  No signup is required.  Champion will receive trophy and jacket at the 2024 season banquet. Points will be dropped for one lowest race.  A rain out would count as a race with everyone receiving 0 points.  Streetcar fields will all be collecting points to one OVERALL Champion.

Small Tire Shootout & Streetcar – Best 6 of 7 Events

Phil’s Plumbing Service & Repair Street Bike ET – Best 4 of 5 Events

Digital Time Slips:
All time slips at WWT Raceway are Digital!  Please download the WWT Slips App (designed by DynoGeeks), from the App Store or Google Play prior to your visit to WWT Raceway.  The App is free on the App Store or Google Play. To get a time slip, you MUST download the app!  Paper time slips will not be distributed.

N/T Racers:  You MUST report to the designated area (announced ay of event) in order to scan a unique QR code that allows only you to see your car’s time in the app.  This is to preserve the integrity of No Time Racers!

Rev. 2/29/24 BC