2019 NHRA license requirements for racers faster than 9.99 seconds

Gateway Motorsports Park will be enforcing the NHRA license requirement on all participants faster than 9.99 seconds in the quarter mile (or 6.39 seconds in the eighth mile).

Any driver of a vehicle with an elapsed time between 7.50 seconds and 9.99 seconds in the quarter mile (4.50 seconds to 6.39 in the eighth mile) must have a valid NHRA license of Class 6 or better. The NHRA fee is $150 for one (1) year or $240 for two (2) years. (Note: the fee is set by NHRA and is subject to change without notice.) The medical exam has been eliminated as a requirement for the Class 6 license. The forms for the NHRA license may be found at www.nhraracer.com or by following this link: (http://nhraracer.com/content/general.asp?articleid=46983&zoneid=175).

In order to assist everyone who needs to get a license, we will be working with those needing to make license passes on the early-season Test ‘n’ Tune dates of March 23, March 30 and April 5 — as well as all Wide Open Wednesday race dates. Please note: Midnight Madness is designed for street cars and is not the place to make your license passes.

kPlease take the time to print and fill out as much as possible on the NHRA license application before coming to the track.  Please turn the paperwork in to Race Control (suite 208) prior to making any of your passes.  Per NHRA regulations, all license runs must be single attempts down the drag strip. Please write “LIC” — visible on both sides of your car — so that we make sure you get a single pass.

If you have any questions, please contact drag strip manager George Whitaker at George.whitaker@wwtraceway.com.

Please click on the link below for the 2019 NHRA Sportsman license form:

2019 NHRA Sportsman license form

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